vaginal odor during summer

How To Care For Your Intimate Area During Hot Summer Days!

During the summer your vagina is more vulnerable than ever - the heat, the sweat, the moist - all together create a condition that is favorable to the bad bacteria (which multiplies by the minute!!) and can be the main cause for your vaginal discomfort!

So, here are some tips on vaginal care during the summer months.

Spread your legs every now and then….
If you spend most of your working hours behind a desk, if you're traveling for a long time or if you're planning a long trip, remember that sitting for many hours not only causes back and shoulder pain, but can also increase your risk of fungus. 
When sitting in a fixed position the intimate areas become warmer, the airflow decreases and the humidity multiplies. Hot and humid areas where there is insufficient airflow are fertile ground for the growth of bacteria, which can cause infection.

Get out of that tight-ass clothing...
We talked about that when airflow decreases - the humidity multiplies. 
So, wearing tights, leather pants and tight panties in hot months only increases the already damaging effect of tight clothing. The friction, heat, and humidity can cause irritation and increase the chance of fungus and this effect becomes more pronounced because of the sweat that is in close contact with the skin. If you do not want to part with your favorite skinny jeans or your gym tights, try not wearing them every day. Wear a dress every other day. Not only you would look fashionable but your vagina will be able to breathe. 

Don't exaggerate on shaving...
During the summer months, we wax and shave more frequently than during the winter months, and sometimes we exaggerate our efforts to get smooth skin. This can cause irritation and itching. To prevent this, only shave every two days and allow the skin to recover. Before treatment moisten the skin and then apply a natural soothing cream.

Summertime means more Sexy time...
Summer is the season of the year when many women feel adventurous when it comes to sex. Be sure to use protective measures to prevent infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Also, do not forget the SHIELD. Vaginal moisture is necessary to ensure pleasant and painless sex, so if there is a problem with natural moisture, use Shades of Shield to help you. Lubricants allow you to enjoy sex without pain, but if you want a long-term solution, especially if you experience friction during exercise and even during walking, try Shades of Shield vaginal moisturizer and protective gel to effectively reduce and prevent dryness and unbalanced vaginal pH. It will ensure a soft, well-hydrated, lubricated and restored intimate skin that is protected from external aggressions which often cause annoying irritation, severe dryness, and unwelcome wrinkles or saggy skin. Shades of Shield can be applied daily and has a long-term vaginal rejuvenating effect.

Do not use regular soap...
Going on vacation and trying to save space in the suitcase? You may decide not to take some of the cosmetic products that take up a lot of space in the suitcase. But if you decide to leave your intimate rinse solution to replace it with regular soap or bath foam, you may get in trouble! Preparations with strong detergents can easily damage the sensitive skin layers, impair pH and cause irritation. Just use water or take Serenity with you, a natural preparation that contains fine ingredients and has the right pH value for the intimate area.

Halo, Halo, Halo...
When you travel, you might not be around a clean restroom to use or even have a decent shower available, so you should take Halo with you, a delicate intimate mist, so you can keep your hygiene and keep a fresh sensation wherever you are! HALO has a unique blend of nature’s most potent active ingredients with antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, to help you restore healthy pH balance and to obstruct the growth of bad bacteria, to neutralize and kick away any unpleasant vaginal odor, and to beautify your intimate skin by keeping it nourished, healthy, smooth, and attractive.
YES! It can do it all! Consider Halo your personal HEALER! It can be used daily and has a long-term freshness effect.