About Us

It takes a lot of courage to talk about vaginal issues openly because we are all afraid of the looks and to be judged as “dirty”. Trust me I know! 

I (shamefully) suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis (scary name, right?) for years! I literally tried every possible treatment/solution out there - from antibiotics to suppositories made of rat poison (aka boric acid)! I got sick of being sick and I thought to myself that there’s got to be a better way to rid myself of this horrible infection and to prevent it from ever happening again!

As a firm believer that everything has a solution, I began to educate myself on the WHY, and HOW vaginal infections occur and WHAT can be done to prevent it. I worked closely with OB GYNs, Endocrinologists, Dermatologists, and Biomedical Engineers to develop formulations especially designed to prevent and treat the most common gynaecological discomfort of women, in their different phase of lifecycle.

to formulate natural products using natural ingredients with healing benefits.
Products that are simply aimed to deliver result-driven solutions for various vaginal symptoms we all might encounter

You are not alone! We all face the same issues and challenges when it comes to our intimate health. 

I invite you to join me in normalizing the conversation surrounding vaginal health and be part of Nova’s club of amazing, caring women. 

With Love & Care

Nova Gabay, Founder.