Daily Duo

Because preventive care is more effective than shame. 

STEP #1: Serenity

Gently calm irritation, burning, and severe intimate discomfort with Serenity daily intimate cleanser and enrich your intimate skin with nutrients and moisture. 

Serenity contains Natural Protein Oats Extract with soothing action and Natural Seaweed Extract, which creates a natural protective barrier between your intimate skin and any infections caused by bacteria or fungus. It also contains Natural Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and renews the vaginal tissue - healing thinning and damaged intimate skin, and Lactic Acid to protect the external intimate mucosa and to reinforce your body’s natural defenses to preserve optimal microfloral health. 

STEP #2: Halo 

Protect yourself with Halo abilities to fight off vaginal infections and restore a healthy pH balance for optimal microflora wellness.

Halo contains Natural Triethyl Citrate, acts as a natural antimicrobial component with decomposition powers to eliminate the growth and formation of harmful bacteria and to effectively prevent various vaginal infections, and Natural Castor Oil with anti-inflammatory action and active cleansing and deodorizing function targeted to remove and block unpleasant smell in your vaginal area. 

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