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Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer
Halo Healer

Halo Healer

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Halo prevents bacteria and fungus from multiplying and provides a powerful defense against contamination of various vaginal infections all while preserving a healthy pH balance and optimal wellness. That is Halo’s superpowers! 

 Using Halo daily will:

* Eliminate fishy, foul, and overly sweaty vaginal odor.
* Restore and preserve a healthy pH balance. 
* Effectively reduce the recurrence of vaginal infections such as Yeast Infection,   
   Bacterial Vaginosis, and Urinary Tract Infection. 
* Target fine lines and wrinkles for smooth, plump intimate skin. 


Halo has a unique, natural blend of nature’s most potent active ingredients with anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
Enriched with Natural Glycerin with emollient properties and therapeutic powers to keep your intimate skin nourished, healthy, smooth, and beautifully attractive.
Natural Castor Oil with impressive anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidants to help relieve dry, irritated skin, for softer smoother feel.
Natural Triethyl Citrate with decomposition powers designed to deodorize the vulvar area, neutralize odor, and to kill any growth of bacteria causing bad odors.

  • Just one spritz can help prevent vaginal infections!
  • The secret behind Halo is its unique liquid formula. Different than any other feminine deodorants, Halo lightweight liquid travels to the deepest layers of your intimate skin forming barrier over delicate skin for complete protection from contamination of fungus and bacteria associated with vaginal infections. 
  • Halo is perfect for women troubled by various vaginal infection causing unpleasant vaginal odor as its designed to kill and prevent bacteria and fungus from multiplying, causing vaginal infections.
  • Halo is great during hot sunny days, great against sweaty sporty activities, and for overall feminine wellness.

Use Halo daily hold the bottle at least 8 inches away from the skin, undergarments, pads, or panty liners and lightly spritz Halo to enjoy a long-lasting splash of healthy freshness.

1. What differentiates Halo from other feminine deodorants?
Halo is not an aerosol base like other brands and aims to prevent and abstract the growth of harmful bacteria, where other feminine deodorants simply block the odor, not preventing it from happening in the first place.
Also, Halo has therapeutic powers to keep your intimate skin nourished, healthy, even- toned, and attractive without impeding normal, healthy and vital perspiration, all while preserving a health pH balance much needed for optimal microfloral wellness. 

2. Can Halo be used prior to intercourse?
Definitely! Highly recommend. 

3. Can Halo be used while pregnant?
Absolutely! It is safe to use Halo while pregnant.

4. Can Halo be used by men?
Of course! Halo can most definitely be used by men, as well.

5. Is Halo a medicated product?
No, Halo is made of healthy and natural ingredients and is free of Paraben, Thiazolinone, Aerosol, Colorants, and Silicone. Halo has Allergen-free fragrance/safe-scent with refreshing action and is Clinically, Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested. Halo is not a medicated product and has not been tested on animals.

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