Soothing Care Kit

Instantly relieve vaginal discomfort and experience rejuvenating and soothing action to gently calm any vaginal discomfort with our Soothing Care Kit. 

STEP #1: Serenity

Gently calm irritation, burning, and severe intimate discomfort with Serenity daily intimate cleanser and enrich your intimate skin with nutrients and moisture.

STEP #2: Pure Bliss 

Enjoy the delightful soothing action of Pure Bliss, a cosmetic approach to anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-itching performance. 

STEP #3: Halo 

Treat yourself with heavenly powers to fight off vaginal infections and restore a healthy pH balance for optimal microflora wellness.


Step #1: Wash daily with SERENITY.

Use Serenity daily to quickly and safely wash the excess growth of yeast and bacteria and to naturally reduce the risk of chronic or recurring prevalent vaginal infections.

Serenity gently calms and soothes any discomfort from vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and redness and protects your intimate skin. It’s because this natural intimate wash contains Natural Protein Oats Extract with soothing action and Natural Seaweed Extract which creates a natural protective barrier between your intimate skin and any infections caused by bacteria or fungus.

Serenity also contains Natural Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and renew the vaginal tissue - healing thinning and damaged intimate skin, and Lactic Acid to protect the external intimate mucosa and to reinforce your body’s natural defenses to preserve optimal microfloral health. 

Simply pump Serenity into hand and apply thoroughly with your fingers. Don't be shy, get a good clean between your vaginal lips. Then, rinse thoroughly with water. 

Step# 2: Treat with PURE BLISS. 

Pure Bliss is a cosmetic treatment to instantly relieve and soothe even the worst vaginal itch, redness, swelling and burning sensations often associated with bacterial or fungal infections*. 

Pure Bliss is infused with carefully selected ingredients and contains Natural Zanthoxylum Alatum Vegetal Extractwith powerful antibacterial properties and anti-itching action to instantly relieve that intense vaginal itch, Natural Avena Sativa Oat Derivative with anti-inflammatory properties to immediately soothe any pain or discomfort, Natural Jojoba Oil to moisturize and to gently calm the intimate skin and Vitamin E with potent antioxidant activity to naturally restore skin hydration and improve overall intimate wellness.

We suggest you apply a pea-sized amount of Pure Bliss soothing cream to clean skin and massage gently.

Step #3: Use HALO as your personal healer. 

Halo is a true healer with a heavenly scent and unique blend of nature’s most potent active ingredients with antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties formulated to prevent contamination of various vaginal infections while preserving a healthy pH balance and optimal microflora wellness. 

It contains Natural Triethyl Citrate with decomposition powers designed to eliminate the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and to deodorize the vulvar area from bad odors. It also contains Natural Glycerin with emollient properties and therapeutic powers to keep your intimate skin nourished, healthy, smooth, and beautifully attractive.

Hold the bottle at least 8 inches away from the skin, undergarments, pads, or panty liners and lightly spritz Halo to enjoy a long-lasting splash of healthy freshness. 

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